Weird windows of time

18 Nov 2015

presséParis – London – New York – Singapore. A list of locations for a luxury store? Nope. That was my itinerary for July. Exciting? You bet. And very tiring.

I had the impression that I spent most of my life in airports. Back when I started traveling I tried to keep all my travel waiting times to a minimum. My program was so crammed that I had to run incessantly to be on time. There was no margin for error, and I was constantly stressed. I lived with one eye on where I was going, and one eye on my watch.

Times have changed. With a bit of experience I’ve realized that trying to get the early flight home was fine, but that getting home two hours earlier didn’t fundamentally change my day. However trying to get to the earlier plane had the impact of putting me through an unsupportable amount of stress and irritability.

I have tons of things to do, true. I have also tons of « weird windows of time » that open up all over my day.  Want to read a book, but don’t have the time? – that is what planes are for. Write an article for my blog? – easy, in the lounge. Need some time for a bit of meditation? – I fasten my seatbelt and relax in the back of a taxi.

Our smartphones, readers and other tablets offer us tremendous possibilities to fill those weird windows with productive activity, if we chose. For me, those windows are now opportunities to cross off the items on my next action list, to do nothing at all, or hang out with my family once I’m home.

And you? Do you dread the delays in your travel, or do you see them as opportunities?



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