The time to change

16 Fév 2019

“When I was doing my military service,” an ex-Chasseur Alpin told me, “one person in our group always took too long to change.

We had to change several times a day from fatigues into sportswear into full dress uniform.

Every time we were late, we had to do 10 press-ups at every assembly for 2 weeks.

We quickly realised that his problem was ours too and that in fact this was the reasoning behind the collective punishment.

We therefore helped our comrade to get dressed in time. This brought the group closer together and we longer had to do press-ups!”

People say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. But who says that the group can’t strengthen it?

Who do you need to help to “change quicker” in your group to make the group as a whole successful?



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