The parable of the stone sculptor

11 Nov 2018

viking-1709636_640A pilgrim comes to a village and sees a man sculpting stone.
The man looks tired and as if he is struggling.
As a good Christian, the pilgrim strikes up conversation with the man:
“Hello, what are you doing with that stone? Perhaps I can help you?”
The man replies curtly: “As you can see, I’m sculpting and it’s hard work!”

The pilgrim doesn’t pursue the matter. Further on, he sees a man who appears to be doing the same job. This man seems calm and collected. The pilgrim speaks to him and the man replies:
“My job is to sculpt this stone so that it fits into its allocated place in the building.”
The pilgrim happily goes on his way.

Further on, he sees another man who appears to be doing the same job. This man is humming to himself and seems happy. Delighted, the pilgrim strikes up a conversation:
“Good day sir. What are you doing? What is making you so happy?”
“I’m building a cathedral!”
The three men are all doing the same job.

What about you? What cathedral are you contributing to?



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