The magic tree

15 Juin 2019

Murphy’s Law did its worst for Sandrine that day: a puncture on the way to work, an unhappy customer, a colleague being horrible, the boss 45 minutes late for the meeting, the computer crashing. Sandrine was torn between anger, exasperation and wanting to burst into tears.

A colleague offered to give her a lift home and was invited in for a drink.

As they walked across the garden, Sandrine stopped in front of a tree, placed both hands on the trunk, leaned forward, and took a deep breath. Then and only then did she go and open the door.

To her colleague’s surprise, the miserable Sandrine was now radiant. She was playing with her children and kissing her husband and seemed very cheerful and happy.

Sandrine explained, “When I come home at night, I leave my worries at the foot of my magic tree. I ask it to look after them for me so I can give my family my full attention.

In the morning I go to get them back, but the magic tree has made most of my worries disappear during the night!”

What about you? Where could you leave your worries so they don’t worm their way into other aspects of your life where they have no right to be?



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