The litter grabber

02 Fév 2019

A Facebook post catches my eye. Fabrice is describing his new way of going for forest walks with his children. He’s had enough of feeling annoyed about packaging, plastic bottles and bits of paper littering the forest so he decides that, instead of grumbling and complaining about other people, he will take action.

A quick Internet search yields two litter grabbers. Now the new game he plays with his children is walking in the forest and picking up everything they find on the trails and in the undergrowth. The result? They’ve come home with 200 L of rubbish and the satisfaction of having achieved something.

Fabrice’s post has 7 shares and 20 comments, and has served as the launch pad for his own wave of change. He has used it to tell people where to find litter grabbers and organise meet ups for rubbish walks.

Fed up to the back teeth of others not taking any action? Well, what kind of fun activity can you do at your level?



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