The Jigsaw

12 Jan 2019

Kids are generally pretty smart. They quickly learn where to go to get what they want. Pocket money? Off they go to see their godmother. A hug, that’s granny’s department, and a sympathetic and discreet ear is auntie.

Children know how to use their network, but as soon as they get married, they seem to expect everything from their partner. However, people with the combined talents of Scarlett Johansson and Angela Merkel or Batman and Mark Zuckerberg are rare indeed.

Why stop developing and using a whole jigsaw of resources that meet our needs? Why rely on a single person, thus making it impossible for that person to meet our needs? She doesn’t want to scratch your back? Go get a massage, gentlemen! He doesn’t want to go clubbing? Go with a girlfriend, ladies.

What pieces are still missing from your personal jigsaw?



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