The box of chocolats

10 Mar 2019

I gaze in greedy wonder at the window of a famous chocolate shop.

I weigh up the pros and cons, the pleasure and the expense and decide that being left at home by myself for ten days means I really deserve some consolation in the form of chocolate.

Back home, I get ready to go and spend the weekend with some friends. What should I take them? A bottle of wine … or maybe my chocolates?

Feeling something akin to sorrow, I decide that the chocolates are more likely to go down well with everyone.

As indeed they did. After every meal, the box was passed from one person to the next, everybody indulging in the pleasure and saying how good they were.

I was delighted and not a little ashamed of ever having thought of keeping the box all to myself.

My friends’ enjoyment greatly added to my own pleasure at tasting those chocolates.

What about you? What could you share to multiply the pleasure it gives?



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