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I climb the way I live

Clinging onto the climbing wall, I hesitate to launch myself at the next hold. I don’t want to take flight (or fall, as a novice would say). I am on a route I can handle, and I have a harness and a rope and I’m insured. So I could do more or less anything but being so careful suits me.  I do sports that involve risk but I take care where I put my feet.

And that’s what I do in every area of my life. I am self-employed yet I prepare, train, check, ask for recommendations, weigh up the pros and cons and minimise the risks when I take decisions. All that helps ensure I get no nasty surprises and lets me progress through life with confidence.

What about you? What does the way you do sport say about the way you live your life? 

I can hear voices

Bras tenduAs I was on the wall at the indoor climbing centre, I heard my husband chatting to our favourite instructor Stéphane. Knowing that he is a perfectionist, I made a special effort. I fully extended my arm to clipp in and used my legs to make the perfect move instead of pulling on the holds with my arms. In fact, I climbed a great route.

Except that when I got down, I realised that it wasn’t Stéphane with my husband who was belaying me. It was someone else who sounded like him!

Do you think it’s useful to listen to someone’s advice in our heads even when they’re not there and then use it to push ourselves?  – My mother wouldn’t like it. My father would do it like that. My teacher would tell me. What would my instructor say?

We all have the voices of wisdom in our lives, voices that support us, encourage us, guide us and inspire us to give of our best.

Do you know who you would like to listen to? So go ahead and plug yourself into the virtual podcast of that voice and be inspired!

He believes in me

mark-5When my husband and I go rock climbing together, we always initially look at how steep the route is – generally too hard for my liking – and he quite often says: Darling, you’re perfectly capable of getting up that.

When I’m hanging off the rock face about to give up, his words come back to me and I think “my husband said I could do it!!!.” So I gather all my confidence and talk myself into completing that tricky move.

Having someone who believes in us is crucial. A grandmother who gives us unconditional support or even a friend or an older brother. It doesn’t matter who. I’m lucky enough that it’s my husband.

What about you? Who believes in you and will help you achieve all your end-of-year goals?