Socratic walking

19 Oct 2019

I needed some exercise and was tempted to cancel my Italian class. Instead, I suggested to my teacher that we went out for a walk during the lesson. So off we set for a 5 km walk and chat in Italian. When I got home and told my husband, he asked me if it was a Socratic walk.

I looked in the Internet and discovered that during Antiquity, masters and disciples walked a great deal. Socrates taught and pondered as he walked around the marketplace, and many of Plato’s dialogues began with a fortuitous encounter in the street. Even where teaching spaces like schools are available, people still go out for walks to think about things.

According to Nietzsche, the only trustworthy truths and statements are those that come to us when we’re walking. He believed that walking creates certain thoughts, making us more open to them, and that thoughts we have while walking are more real!

You can guess what I’m about to say. Who can you go for a walk with to test these philosophers’ theories?



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