Shall we go swimming?

18 Mai 2019

“Shall we go swimming?” a friend challenged me with a provocative smile. It was Easter Monday in Brittany and the water was a freezing 11 degrees!

I took up the challenge, put my costume on and we set off for the sea. I went down the slope of the jetty and I have to say the water was icy.

I turned round and saw my brazen friend starting to lag behind and our respective husbands watching us with a mixture of astonishment and pity.

There was nothing to lose. I dived in…..

Two minutes and twenty strokes later, I was out again and energetically rubbing myself down to get the circulation going in my frozen body.

“But why did you do that?” asked my inner coach. The reason is that I love a challenge! Swimming loses its interest when it’s 30 degrees and the water is 25.

The challenge of jumping off the roof of a catamaran, walking 1,000 km, doing a parachute jump or being the first to throw myself into freezing cold water leads me to do the most incredible things.

What about you? What do you need to do to surpass your own limits?



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