Relax your stomach

26 Jan 2019

A storm violently buffets our sailing ship. I concentrate on a fixed point to avoid being seasick. Then all of a sudden there is no fixed point on the horizon and my sister-in-law tells me to relax my stomach.

I look at her in disbelief. I’m actually doing my best to hold it in! I don’t want to let it all out.

She looks at me being stubborn and then, with my best interests in mind, she explains to me that my stomach should be allowed to move to the rhythm of the waves. Holding it in just makes it fight back.

I’ve got nothing to lose and I conjure up a mental picture of my digestive tract to locate my stomach. She’s right, it’s totally tense! I’ve contracted it when everything else is moving! I make a huge effort (!) to relax it and instantly feel better.

Since then, I’ve been paying attention to this gauge in the centre of my body. It is like a shortcut that tells me when I am upset or worried well before my head does.

Do you listen to all the gauges that you have at your disposal?



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