Bamboo and ferns

A young woman goes to see a wise old woman to ask her how to cope with sadness, solitude and her own lack of commitment.

The wise old woman points to magnificent forest of bamboo. “When I came here, there was nothing but dry earth. All I had was some bamboo seeds and some fern seeds, so I sowed them and watered them carefully.

The ferns soon started to come up, but there was no sign of any bamboo. The next year the fern was out in force but still no bamboo. And it went on like that until the fifth year when – to my great surprise – bamboo shoots sprang up among the ferns!

Look at this forest! For all those years the bamboo was strengthening its roots in preparation for growing upwards! Perhaps you are not lost, you’re just busy strengthening your roots?”

And you, what are you busy strengthening so you can go further?

The universe has a plan

At my company’s annual general meeting, my chartered accountant told me he had just come from a phone meeting with another CEO.

She was an independent woman who had recently had a baby, and had announced to everyone that she would resume her professional activities within a month as she had an excellent nanny.

The day she went back to work, she fell down the stairs and ended up with her leg in plaster. How long was she going to be out of action? – The exact number of weeks of the legal maternity leave entitlement!

When the universe has a plan for you, it will find every way it can to ensure you follow it.

What about you? What sign from the universe did you not listen to?

Shall we go swimming?

“Shall we go swimming?” a friend challenged me with a provocative smile. It was Easter Monday in Brittany and the water was a freezing 11 degrees!

I took up the challenge, put my costume on and we set off for the sea. I went down the slope of the jetty and I have to say the water was icy.

I turned round and saw my brazen friend starting to lag behind and our respective husbands watching us with a mixture of astonishment and pity.

There was nothing to lose. I dived in…..

Two minutes and twenty strokes later, I was out again and energetically rubbing myself down to get the circulation going in my frozen body.

“But why did you do that?” asked my inner coach. The reason is that I love a challenge! Swimming loses its interest when it’s 30 degrees and the water is 25.

The challenge of jumping off the roof of a catamaran, walking 1,000 km, doing a parachute jump or being the first to throw myself into freezing cold water leads me to do the most incredible things.

What about you? What do you need to do to surpass your own limits?

A dog’s love

A little boy was there when Baboo, the family dog, came to the end of his life. The vet explained to him that dogs have a much shorter life than humans and that Baboo had had a lovely life.

The little boy replied, “It’s not surprising he died before us! My parents told me that we’ve been put on earth to learn how to love unconditionally. Baboo already knew how to do that. He used to wag his tail every time he saw us! He gave us an enthusiastic welcome every time we came home! He sat next to us when we were sad. Baboo knew all that already. There was nothing left for him to learn.”

What if we followed the example of dogs? By enthusiastically welcoming everyone who comes home, going out for some fresh air every day whatever the weather, and consoling someone just by being there?

My fridge is empty

My phone rings while I am skiing. My friend asks what we are doing on Saturday night. Without thinking I tell her, « We’ll be back from holiday at half past six, we’ve nothing planned and as our fridge is empty, we’d love to have supper at yours! »

My husband says: “You’ve got a cheek.”

I later found out that my friend had called to invite us and she’d thought it was lovely that I’d shared my hopes with her without any false modesty.

A week later, she called me again and asked the same question. As I already had something else on, I said I was sorry. Then she told me she’d really love a gin and tonic made the way only my husband knows how.

I invited her for drinks and we went to our dinner afterwards.

When we sincerely express what we would like, there is a good chance the other person would like to give it to us to bring us pleasure.

What about you? What would you really like to ask for?

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