If I was looking for a word to describe my younger self, ‘athletic’ is probably the very last adjective that I would feel comfortable employing. At school, I was mediocre at sports. At tennis I was just o.k. At downhill skiing I was more scared than skillful.

It isn’t false modesty; I am quite sincerely not talented for any particular sport. I don’t run very fast, I don’t dance very well, etc.

BUT, I love what Ernest Hemingway had to say about this:

anneaux olympiques« There is nothing noble in being superior to your peers. True nobility is to be superior to the person you’ve been before. »

If I compare myself with others in a particular domain, I am often just mediocre. However, when I compare my current self to my earlier self it is a different story: after having jogged for years I eventually managed to finish a marathon; after having been employed by others, I went on to create my own company; after having written short articles, I wrote 3 books; after singing in the shower for years, I participated in my first show.

So what have you done better today than yesterday? – Be proud of it!

And – because none of us are particularly good at recognizing this kind of thing – make sure you help your friends to see and celebrate their successes!

You look hot

I was meeting up with an old friend, whom I hadn’t seen in about 20 years. One of the first things he said after giving me a big hug was: « Gosh, you look hot! », which was great on one level, but I couldn’t stay on that level. Not only did I think that it was a gross exaggeration, but also quickly translated it in my head to: « you have aged reasonably well for someone close to fifty ».

InfluenceStill, however exaggerated I found the comment, I couldn’t help standing up a little straighter, feeling a little younger, holding my head a little higher. I just felt better, even though I didn’t believe in the accuracy of the compliment.

Now here’s the thing. Even if we do not totally agree with something somebody tells us, it has an effect on us. If your spouse said to you as you left in the morning : « gosh you look tired ! » – guess what your day will look like ?!

Have you thought about just how much influence you have on the days of the people around you? We have the power to taint their days positively – or negatively.

So how will you use the power of influencing the lives of the people around you today? And for the rest of your life?

The wave

the ripple effectA particular movie has stuck with me for many years: in it, a 12-year-old boy is given an unusual bit of homework. His task? To figure out a way to make the world a better place, and then actually make it happen.

He takes his assignment very seriously, and comes up with the following idea: he will help 3 people selflessly. These three people should then do the same thing for 3 more people, and each of those for another three….etc.

From the beginning, he realized that he couldn’t change the world by himself, but then worked out that he could create a wave of change that would ripple outwards from his initial actions. You might have guessed already; the movie’s title is « Pay it Forward ».

I absolutely love the idea that whatever we put in motion becomes a succession of ripples around us, whether we like it or not.

For example: I come home tired from work, yell at my son because of the mess in his bedroom, who then picks a fight with his brother, who will be curt with a friend. His friend, hurt and confused, unwittingly answers back to his mother. His mother, now annoyed, nags at her husband….

We all need to be careful what we put in motion in the world. And you? What kind of waves do you want to get started?

The Mary Poppins Attitude

Mary PoppinsWhen the sunny days of summer arrive, the last thing I want to do is take the time to oil our garden furniture. But – if we are to enjoy it this year and beyond – it needs to be done.

Resigned to my chore – and armed with a paintbrush and a can of oil – I started the first chair, of eight! After the first chair, I realized that in the early summer sun my back would gently tan as I painted. Meanwhile, the conversation with my mother-in-law was flowing effortlessly, and – in what seemed like a heartbeat – all of my chairs were gleaming in a fresh coat of oil under the sun.

At that moment my subconscious surfaced a song: « Just a spoon full of sugar .. » from Mary Poppins. It’s the one that suggests that in each job that needs to be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and the job becomes a game!

O.K., it’s a Disney film.  But for my part, getting a bit of a tan and keeping my mother-in-law company was enough to forget that I didn’t like the actual job.

Isn’t it within our reach to take a few seconds to find the element of fun that can turn a chore into a pleasure? Watch a movie while ironing. Listen to an audio book while driving, etc.

So, which element of fun can you find in your chores?

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