A shared objective

In sports clubs GCSE students rub shoulders with university post-grads. Once their rackets are in their hands, sport is the only thing that matters to them.

Sports activities seem to erase all trace of social, religious and racial difference.

The same phenomenon happens in business, which takes place where there is a common objective. Ending a strike or developing a customer/supplier relationship are two objectives that make it possible to do business.

As soon as we have a common objective, we look in the same direction and our common interest makes it possible to work together.

What about you? Who do you share a common interest with that can open the door to partnership?

Smelling the sunshine

Benjamin got up and announced that he was going to smell the weather …

I watched in surprise as he went out of the room.  When he came back I asked him what kind of weather he had managed to ‘smell’? He replied “Weather that’s full of light after three days of rain, bathed in the first rays of the spring sunshine” … Aah. 

That poet explained to me later that he experienced everything through the sense of smell. I know most of the population is visual, so here I have a rare specimen indeed. Apparently, he often gets teased about his olfactory experiences. 

Ever since then, I wonder when I go out what I will sense in the air. It doesn’t come naturally to me but sometimes I feel a sensation that would otherwise have passed me by. 

Do we fully use the antenna we have available to be a bit more open to the world?

What about you? If you stuck your nose outside, what olfactory experience would you have? 

The legend of the hummingbird

One day, so the legend goes, there was a huge fire in the forest. All the terrified animals watched the disaster unfold, powerless. Only the little hummingbird bustled about, going to fetch a few drops of water in his beak and throw them on the fire. 

After a while, the armadillo, who was irritated by this ridiculous performance, said to him,

“Are you mad, Hummingbird? Do you really think you will put the fire out with those drops of water?”

The hummingbird replied, “I know, but I have to do my bit.”

The legend tells how every animal then felt they too should ‘do their bit’, each in their own way, and the forest was saved.

What about you? Do you do your bit? 

Doing my best

We all have at least one area in which we excel. For some people it’s cooking, for others, computers. My own area of expertise lies in teaching.  

Then there are the other areas … 

The ‘4 Toltec agreements’ invite us to ‘always do our best’. To give what we are capable of giving.  

Am I an expert in electrical work? – No, but I know how to put in a terminal block and connect the right wires without getting electrocuted. 

Am I an expert in car mechanics? – No, but I know how to change a wheel, check the oil, replace a fuse or put more screen wash in. 

In short, I do my BEST in these areas as well. 

What about you? What other area could you venture into, to do your best? 

The box of chocolats

I gaze in greedy wonder at the window of a famous chocolate shop.

I weigh up the pros and cons, the pleasure and the expense and decide that being left at home by myself for ten days means I really deserve some consolation in the form of chocolate.

Back home, I get ready to go and spend the weekend with some friends. What should I take them? A bottle of wine … or maybe my chocolates?

Feeling something akin to sorrow, I decide that the chocolates are more likely to go down well with everyone.

As indeed they did. After every meal, the box was passed from one person to the next, everybody indulging in the pleasure and saying how good they were.

I was delighted and not a little ashamed of ever having thought of keeping the box all to myself.

My friends’ enjoyment greatly added to my own pleasure at tasting those chocolates.

What about you? What could you share to multiply the pleasure it gives?

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