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One morning when I was due to start a seminar, my customer sent me some words of encouragement, as they usually did. But this time I was left perplexed in the following exchange:

–  Don’t hide your light under a bushel, go and light the houses with it

–  ???

–  Matthew 5:15-16

“and you don’t light a lamp just to hide it under a bushel,

you hang it from a chandelier,

and it gives light to everyone in the house”

In short: don’t be afraid to shine!!” 

I set about leading my seminar with a smile and couldn’t help thinking of the poem by Marianne Williamson: « It’s not the darkness that frightens us most but our own light.”

What about you? How can you let your light shine powerfully as we go back to work after the holidays?


Before leaving for the summer, I would like you to imagine yourself at the age of 94, wise, full of experience, comfortably seated on a bench.

Are you there now?

This older version of yourself – having already lived your life – what advice would they like to give you – to the younger version who is reading this message?

Close your eyes and listen to the first piece of advice that comes to mind.

Why don’t you take that advice this summer? We look forward to seeing you back in the autumn!

Learning about philosophy

When my Bubbles of Happiness website was being redesigned, the ‘About me’ section was created. I daringly wrote that I am an everyday philosopher, knowing that philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’.

But then I started to get the uncomfortable feeling that I was an impostor, as in Germany philosophy is not a subject taught in school. I have read a lot of books about it but I’ve never had a teacher.

At a dinner party I was introduced to Patrick, a philosopher! I plucked up courage and asked him if he could give me lessons. But time and distance were against us.

Every week Patrick leaves a comment on my article of the day. He takes the thread of my story and adds an explanation from his experience as a GP, a psychoanalyst and a philosopher. In this way he explains the reasoning underlying my remarks.

I could never have imagined a better way of learning about the great philosophers. It’s a very practical approach, a truly ‘applied’ way of working.

What about you? Who takes care of your education in an innovative way?

The magic tree

Murphy’s Law did its worst for Sandrine that day: a puncture on the way to work, an unhappy customer, a colleague being horrible, the boss 45 minutes late for the meeting, the computer crashing. Sandrine was torn between anger, exasperation and wanting to burst into tears.

A colleague offered to give her a lift home and was invited in for a drink.

As they walked across the garden, Sandrine stopped in front of a tree, placed both hands on the trunk, leaned forward, and took a deep breath. Then and only then did she go and open the door.

To her colleague’s surprise, the miserable Sandrine was now radiant. She was playing with her children and kissing her husband and seemed very cheerful and happy.

Sandrine explained, “When I come home at night, I leave my worries at the foot of my magic tree. I ask it to look after them for me so I can give my family my full attention.

In the morning I go to get them back, but the magic tree has made most of my worries disappear during the night!”

What about you? Where could you leave your worries so they don’t worm their way into other aspects of your life where they have no right to be?

Two mice

Two mice came upon a pot of cream on a farm. They jumped into it to fill up their hungry little tummies. When they had eaten their fill, they realised they couldn’t get out. The sides were slippery and their feet didn’t reach the bottom either.

The pessimist swam around and after a while said, “It’s no use. I can’t keep going. I’m giving up.” And she sank to the bottom. 

The optimist was not prepared to give in.  She kept swimming despite her exhaustion and believed her luck would turn… and indeed she soon felt that it had, as her little bottom was sitting solidly on a mound of butter!

What about you? Do you give up or do you pursue your goals all the way?

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Who am I ?

I am a contemporary philosopher.
I capture life's little events in bubbles of happiness to inspire you in an amusing and optimistic way.

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