Oh poo!

03 Oct 2019

I was swimming in the Mediterranean and the water temperature was perfect when suddenly I spotted what looked like a little cluster of brown blobs floating towards me. I immediately thought that some unscrupulous hoteliers must have dumped their sewage into the sea. I ran out of the water and told the people on the sunbeds around me what had happened and what I thought it was.

They laughed and explained that it was just stones floating on the water. The lava from Stromboli’s volcano turns into small, lightweight stones that float on the surface of the sea. I picked one up and was surprised not only by its texture but also by my own initial judgement.

Without the knowledge of my fellow sunbed users, I would have remained ignorant. At the end of my holiday, I left with two important lessons – stones can float and when in doubt, ask.

What about you? Do you stick with your first impressions or do you ask for more information?



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