My fridge is empty

05 Mai 2019

My phone rings while I am skiing. My friend asks what we are doing on Saturday night. Without thinking I tell her, « We’ll be back from holiday at half past six, we’ve nothing planned and as our fridge is empty, we’d love to have supper at yours! »

My husband says: “You’ve got a cheek.”

I later found out that my friend had called to invite us and she’d thought it was lovely that I’d shared my hopes with her without any false modesty.

A week later, she called me again and asked the same question. As I already had something else on, I said I was sorry. Then she told me she’d really love a gin and tonic made the way only my husband knows how.

I invited her for drinks and we went to our dinner afterwards.

When we sincerely express what we would like, there is a good chance the other person would like to give it to us to bring us pleasure.

What about you? What would you really like to ask for?



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