Improving your technique

19 Avr 2019

“Use your equipment! – get down on your knees! – turn your upper body!” There is no shortage of advice, yet I thought I was a good skier. Doumé makes me think about the soles of my feet – confined inside my boots – or my eyes which are supposed to be gazing into the distance….

I grumble, try, challenge the advice, try again nevertheless and in the end accept the tips and realise that my technique, which was already good, has considerably improved by the end of the week.

I realise that my way of learning or improving in any field follows the same pattern. When somebody suggests an improvement in the way I do anything from cooking meat to running a seminar I first resent the advice, then I try it, then ask for further explanation and in the end I accept it!

Now I realise the way I operate, I’ve decided to give up the ‘grumbling’ stage. After all, it only wastes everybody’s time!

What about you? Which stage could you give up to make progress even faster?



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