Good news

21 Nov 2015

Cynic comments about politics, exasperation with the system and a corrosive humor and have seriously affected the nature of the conversations on the various social networks I participate in.

Good news !All the more reason to be surprised when I found a post on facebook one morning last week called « Good News! » A Mexican friend shared that a local Yucatan based cooperative he is supporting had been awarded a large contract by a hotel chain.

He then went on to explain that – as the amount of good news in the world by far outweighs the amount of bad news – we should all publish one or more good things that have happened to us, or that we have heard about recently.  What a fabulous idea!

Discussing a tragic event can darken the energy in a room in a trice. Fortunately, discussing a positive one can lighten the energy just as quickly. It’s for us to decide which we want to encourage with our contributions.

So, what good things have happened to you recently? Have you had a blood test done and found your cholesterol numbers are down? – Congratulations! Are you showing a profit despite a difficult economic situation? – Nice one! Did you obtain the professional certification you were working on? – Kudos!

What is the good news in your life? Get out there and let people know.



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