Bamboo and ferns

30 Mai 2019

A young woman goes to see a wise old woman to ask her how to cope with sadness, solitude and her own lack of commitment.

The wise old woman points to magnificent forest of bamboo. “When I came here, there was nothing but dry earth. All I had was some bamboo seeds and some fern seeds, so I sowed them and watered them carefully.

The ferns soon started to come up, but there was no sign of any bamboo. The next year the fern was out in force but still no bamboo. And it went on like that until the fifth year when – to my great surprise – bamboo shoots sprang up among the ferns!

Look at this forest! For all those years the bamboo was strengthening its roots in preparation for growing upwards! Perhaps you are not lost, you’re just busy strengthening your roots?”

And you, what are you busy strengthening so you can go further?



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