07 Nov 2015

Anne Claire HairAnne-Claire is beautiful; she has a mane of curly hair, a perfect body and an irresistible smile. Beyond the beauty, she also has a master’s degree in communications, and had a job in the event industry with a plan for an international career.

But Anne-Claire needed more than just professional success. She wanted to help humanity, so started to do voluntary work in her spare time, and invested several years of her life trying to make life better for people in war zones like Darfur.

Amazing. But at a certain point, two of her needs came into conflict; she wanted to get married and start a family and continue to help those who need it most. What to do?

She came back to France, became a language teacher in high school and continues her voluntary work with the Red Cross, where she helps with the homeless and gives first aid courses. Her days are long, making finding someone to start a family with a challenge.

I admire Anne-Claire’s convictions. She is a source of inspiration for so many and I tell her.

Do you have a teacher, a friend, an uncle or a colleague who are inspiring to you? Take a moment and pick up the phone or send them a message to tell them that they inspire you. It doesn’t take a lot to recharge their batteries for staying out there changing the world.

For my part, I would just like to say publicly « bravo Anne-Claire, thanks to what you do, this world is a better place for us all! »

Inspiredly yours,



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