A dog’s love

09 Mai 2019

A little boy was there when Baboo, the family dog, came to the end of his life. The vet explained to him that dogs have a much shorter life than humans and that Baboo had had a lovely life.

The little boy replied, “It’s not surprising he died before us! My parents told me that we’ve been put on earth to learn how to love unconditionally. Baboo already knew how to do that. He used to wag his tail every time he saw us! He gave us an enthusiastic welcome every time we came home! He sat next to us when we were sad. Baboo knew all that already. There was nothing left for him to learn.”

What if we followed the example of dogs? By enthusiastically welcoming everyone who comes home, going out for some fresh air every day whatever the weather, and consoling someone just by being there?



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