Taking risks

Doctors and psychologists all agree that babies take insane risks all day long. The simple act of standing up and walking is nothing short of miraculous, given that it takes around 2,000 attempts and just as many tumbles before our little legs eventually support us.

6359558041641513661917242543_200 (2)Attached to a climbing wall, I take in the reality of my situation: if I want to reach the next hold, I’ll have to throw myself at it. In other words, I’ll have to completely let go of the hold where I am now and launch myself towards the next one without knowing if I’ll actually be able to grab it.  Quick mental calculation: from where I’m currently clipped in, I’m likely to fall 6 feet if I miss, and my husband is an experienced belayer. I go for it, and it works. I’m ecstatic.

The calculated risk of flying through the air helps me improve my technique. But as I get older, I’m aware that I’m becoming less adventurous when it comes to risk taking. This means that I don’t progress as fast as before.

The risk of making a fool of yourself, failing, hurting yourself, of being judged  are some of the many reasons not to attempt things and to simply allow yourself to stagnate.

What risk would you like to take this summer to continue to progress?
I wish you a great summer vacation and look forward to surprising you with new bubbles in September!

Rain dances

Rain dances are 100% effective.
It rains every time the Indians do a rain dance.
Because they dance until it rains!

Many people believe in the Law of Attraction.
We “attract” things by imagining that they are already there.
We hear the sounds and see the images of the scenario that we want and we do everything we can to make it become real.
We are effectively dancing our own rain dance!

Imagine an Indian who has given up: he doesn’t dance, he sees the negative side of everything and gets depressed waiting for the rain that never comes.
If you really want something, imagine in your mind’s eye exactly what it looks like. Your whole being is bent on getting what you want. Your likelihood of achieving it is very high.

What image can you create in your mind to get your rain dance underway?


A girlfriend and I are in the middle of writing a letter.
We keep changing our text and then undoing our changes with the “Ctrl+Z” function.

Ctrl ZWhat a shame that the “Ctrl+Z” function isn’t available in real life, I say to her. We could use it to undo the stupid things we say, the mistakes we make and the purchases that we wished we hadn’t made.

Unfortunately there is no “Ctrl+Z” function on the keyboard of life!

My friend and I started imagining everything that we could do with a “Ctrl+Z” function.
Done something stupid? Ta-da! “Ctrl+Z”  “No, it wasn’t me.”
We could learn from our mistakes without having to suffer the consequences.
But would we really learn?
Isn’t it because we feel the impact of our mistakes that we learn?
Isn’t it this emotional experience that gives us awareness and helps us to grow?


“I’m not ready “or “I don’t think I’m up to it” are the comments most often heard from young professionals in search of success.

Clients think that we are ready. They are completely unaware of our doubts, fears and other mental blockages.

Rubber bands --- Image by © Nation Wong/zefa/Corbis

“It is the disciple who chooses his master” is a perfect quote for this situation. It’s the client who decides that you’re ready.

A friend of mine uses the following metaphor: “The elastic is taut; it just needs to be launched!”

Subconsciously we are ready, our elastic is stretched to breaking point. All we need is a “launcher”, in other words a promoter, the invaluable person who is the first to believe in us.

Who are the launchers or promoters in your life?

A ray of sunshine

NLAt a cocktail party, the conversation turns to weekend break destinations and travel in general. Edinburgh, Rotterdam and even Caen are some of the suggestions with a general consensus that the weather has to be good to really appreciate them!

ALL destinations are more attractive in blazing sunshine but you can’t just order it up.

In winter we often make up for the lack of light with a fire or candles.

To each his or her substitute sun. Candles, a huge TV screen, a bottle of good wine or, my favourite, a smile.

What is your substitute sun?

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